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DJ Carl

The Soul Controller

Specializing in old skool RnB, Funk, Classic jams, one of the few Vinyl turntablist left in Australia, And a true pioneer of all types of music he has been djing for more than 30 years Carl loves to play to the crowd, no matter what the music Carl has all the sounds waiting to mix it up with his smooth style and mixing. One of the best mixing dj’s around never missing a beat and always in control.

DJ/MC Yvette

Triple Threat

The best of the best, triple threat DJ right here: MC, DJ & Karaoke! Yvette has been djing most of her adult life. Coming from a family of amazing dj’s and entertainers she definitely has what it takes to please a crowd of any variety. She has traveled the globe djing with an extended stay in LA and in so many different worlds. Yvette is truly in class by herself.

Dancing DJ Louie

Pump Up King

One word “ENERGY” DJ Louie, has the energy in his pocket. He has been djing and doing karaoke for 15 years now and is continuously growing his music style and taste to suit - and move - the crowd. There is not other DJ around with DDL energy, dancing ability and presence he is truly remarkable.

DJ Matt

2 in 1

The dynamic duo all in one originally a solo singer song writer, turned dj many years ago to move the crowd when the strings weren’t. Matt is able to mc at any function and play most styles of music to suit any occasion.

MC/DJ Captain Kirk

Total Package

An amazing DJ and MC all in one the total package a voice that commands a room with some presence this mighty gentle giant is truly gifted reading a crowd for every occasion Captain Kirk seems to always get the job done in spectacular style.